About Jessy


A world-renowned fire dancer and flow artist, Jessy’s diverse experience has seen her perform and teach classes in eight different countries. Most recently, she was part of Asia’s largest modern circus troupe Psycusix in Malaysia.

Jessy has trained intensively with Spin Circus Training Academy in Australia, as well as internationally at circus and fire spinning conventions across Europe, America and Southeast Asia. She has also completed several intensive dance programs in America, studying under iconic belly dancers such as Rachel Brice.

Jessy’s unique movement quality, as well as the upbeat and positive energy she exudes in her classes, has seen her social media presence exponentially grow – she now has over 23 thousand Instagram followers and over 4 thousand YouTube subscribers supporting her on her journey.

In her hometown of Melbourne, Australia, Jessy works both independently and with other artists to create corporate event entertainment, wedding entertainment, hen’s parties and more. She teaches local fire dancing classes, and is constantly pursuing creative projects, which she loves to share with fans.


Jessy Spin dances with fire. She manipulates objects with technical skill. She fuses different styles of dance with musicality and sass. Jessy creates fierce and mesmerising movement pieces that embody her passion for dance and spinning props. Her art aims to inspire others, perhaps unlocking a fiery desire to learn, to create and to take a step outside of one’s comfort zone.

As a teacher, Jessy strives to help her students connect more deeply with their minds and bodies. To follow their passions, and to understand that they are ‘enough’ in a world that can sometimes make us feel otherwise. Through her local, international, and online dance classes, Jessy’s purpose is to empower students with the knowledge of flow.

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