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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Jessy teaches group fan dance classes and private lessons, helping students (and herself!) to connect with community, mind, and body. She also runs workshops both locally and internationally, and even offers ONLINE video lessons.


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Jessy has been busy creating a beautiful online studio, where you can find many classes on flow arts, dance, costume creation and more! Let’s connect more deeply with our minds and bodies, and one another 🙂

Head on over to firelilydance.com to find out more!!


In Melbourne, Jessy teaches fan dancing classes for all levels, as well as private lessons. She is passionate about creating community, and helping students connect to their minds and bodies.

These classes are currently only hold due to the COVID-19 restrictions, but are now set to resume in August 2020! Stay tuned for more details.

To find out more about studio classes, check out Jessy’s social media pages or contact her directly!


You can find resources such as Jessy’s General Guide to Spinning Fire Safely in the FireLily Dance online studio. This guide is a general introduction to fire safety procedures that minimise risk when spinning fire. However, fire spinning is an inherently dangerous activity, and there will always be some risk no matter what safety precautions are taken!

Fan Product Recommendations

Check out Jessy’s fan product recommendations, which she put together after being asked what her faves are one… or two… or three… okay, MANY times – now all of her tried and tested preferences can be found in one place! Don’t forget she has a discount code ‘JESSYSPIN’ for props from Flow DNA and The Bamboo Closet 🙂

Fire Fan Tutorial 9


Not sure which fire fans to buy for your first pair? Want to know how to make covers for your fire fans? How to DIY your own LED fans? Through her YouTube channel, Jessy has you covered! Jessy offers FREE beginner tutorials on fire fan spinning and more.

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