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Interested in learning how to spin fire, specifically how to dance with fire fans? Not sure which fire fans to buy for your first pair? Want to know how to make covers for your fire fans? How to DIY your own LED fans? Through her YouTube channel, Jessy has you covered! Jessy offers FREE beginner tutorials on fire fan spinning and more.

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Buying Your First Fire Fans

Fire Fan Tutorial 2
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Making Your Fire Fan Covers

Fire Fan Tutorial 3
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Dance Basics

Fire Fan Tutorial 4
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Geometry & Isolations

Fire Fan Tutorial 5
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Tech Fan Basics & Slides

Fire Fan Tutorial 6
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Spinning Part 1

Fire Fan Tutorial 7
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Spinning Part 2

Fire Fan Tutorial 8
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Folding, Musicality & Choreography

Fire Fan Tutorial 9
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8 Petal Flower

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Looking For Private Lessons?

Want personalised lessons and tips from Jessy, but live in another state or even country? Jessy offers Skype lessons covering trick breakdowns, how to stylise your flow, performance techniques, choreography, beginner to intermediate moves, and more. Get in touch with Jessy to organise your Skype lesson today!

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